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Four legs, a lick, and a wag



Dear Friends,

This teeth thing I told you about last week – I have had pills in pea­nut butter, cheese, pea­nut butter and cheese, crushed, huge pills and I am here to tell you I am done with them. I heard my town mom say this morning, “Buddy, this is the last one.” Then you know what happened? She tried one more on me. Nope, didn’t hap­pen. I totally refused. I get a pill every morning for a little ‘arthur’ that has found its way to my right front leg. Not today, didn’t happen. I suspect later in the day it will re­appear. Sigh.

So, this is what is happening with the girls. They have decided when their mom, my town mom, leaves they need to do something. So, when she comes home, she finds the following: A schnauzer pillow tak­en off the little footstool in the living room reas­signed to the hallway, the bath hand towel re­assigned to the kitchen floor and the beautiful pansy rug flipped over in the living room. This is what I don’t under­stand, why they have not found the toilet paper in the bathroom. This is a schnauzer specialty and yet it goes unattended. Do you think I should say something to them? Oops, almost forgot. When she came home last night from meet the candidates her blanket on her bed was in the tv room. It is a blanket just for them on her bed. Her sweatpants, yep, in the backyard. I know she tells them when she leaves to not wreck the house. Maybe she should speak German? Me? I never did anything like this when I was younger. Ha, believe that I have some other tall tales to share with you.



So, we are all snug­gled in our places. I am in the big blue chair and the girls are on their mom. We are asleep, enjoying being spoiled. Then this noise wakes us up. It is a tap noise on the window. I bark, the girls bark, and we race to the window. Nothing. We settle back into our owned places and take to the shut eye again. Then it happens again. Tap. We wake up and race back to the win­dow. Nothing. Back to our snuggle places. Hap­pens again and again. It is a crazy robin who thinks she wants in the house too. She is tapping on the window and actu­ally making a mess of the window. My town mom puts something in the window to try and make her go away. No luck. She comes back and back and back. I am wonder­ing what is going on in her head? Anything? I wonder if she knows she is totally messing with our snuggling.

Just a reminder, hu­mans, Mother’s Day will be fast coming. Best to do something special for that mom that takes care of you. I learned this a long time ago. Head tilt­ing and eye squinting are ok on a regular ba­sis, but when it comes to Mother’s Day ya gotta do something special. Just take it from me.

Your ‘fur-ever’ friends,

Buddy, Sunshine, and Lollipop

Rescued is great for all involved. Just do it.

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