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Dear 2024 Friends,

Welcome to 2024. I suspect you may have some of those New Year’s – what do they call them? Resolutions? Me? Not so much. I tried some of them a while back, but they just didn’t work out so well. I am trying to talk Sunshine and Lollipop into making some, but they can’t even spell the word. Maybe if I put it on paper and put it on the floor, they will tear it up and it will stick with them. What do you think? I think it is worth a try.

Listen to this story from Gia at the shelter that she told me. Buddy, I am the longest dog res­ident at Ark. I have been there 267 days! The staff love me, and I do think I am one of their favorites. I love car rides, treats and I am telling you I am a couch potato. I have a great personality and I am about 7 years old. I weigh about 60 pounds and because I have been diagnosed with Cush­ing’s people think I don’t have any love and devo­tion to give. Let me tell you that is NOT true. I drink a little more than normal which means, well you probably know, I have to go potty more. I don’t really care for cats, and I am just a tad bit se­lective of my dog friends but I can tell you I still have love, I still want a home, and I would love to have a home to call my own. Are you looking for unconditional love? I can give you that, I promise. Just give Ark a call at 260-463-4142 and let me prove to you I am a good gal.



My town mom found a couple of cute stories: Here is one. They told me… that my house smells like a dog… And I asked them… Do they know what a dog smells like? A dog smells like Gratitude… Loyalty… Nobility… Honey… Pure and unconditional love and despite all they have suffered, they don’t smell a grudge… So… I feel blessed that my house smells like a dog. -Anonymous.

The number is 78. Have any idea what that number means? It means that 78 of my friends are waiting for you to make a decision. You can foster or you can adopt, or you can do both. Why don’t you think about making that number lower and changing the life of a shelter animal forever. You want to make a dif­ference in 24? This is a great way to begin.

Jack, my good friend at the Paws and Claws bookstore sent this to me and said it is just a good thing to remember. “Dogs don’t die, they curl up in our hearts and go to sleep.”

Sunny, Lolli, and I wish you a great 2024 and hope and trust you will foster, and adopt from Ark or tell all your friends to do the same.

Your “fur-ever” Friends,

Buddy, Sunny, and Lolli

The Best things in life are rescued.

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